ripple effect (noun): the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.

At Granted, we see government grants as the beginning of a ripple effect. Each grant has the power to enable an individual or business to grow and in turn, impact others. 

A coffee roasting company received $20,000 to hire an intern who ended up helping the company grow sales through their ecommerce channels. She increased revenue by 120%, optimized direct online retail sales from their website and assisted the company’s expansion into the US. 

We’ve seen a manufacturing company leverage market expansion grants to expand to the U.S. The business expansion grant covered all of the expenses for them to exhibit at a trade show.  As a result of these initiatives, they met and signed new distributors who would sell their products to retailers in regions they hadn’t entered yet.

At Granted, we value learning and growing. In the past year, we’ve applied to a few training grants to help our staff grow in management skills, leadership skills, and technical skills. 

One of our core values at Granted is to “spread the wealth” where we are champions for others where possible. The greatest accomplishment for us is to see SMEs grow. In 2019, our goal was to create more impact for SME Western Canadian businesses. 

So.. we created GetGranted. GetGranted is a software as a service that allows small and medium-sized businesses created to make grants easier for Canadian businesses by customizing a list of grants tailored to you, notifying your business of new grants, and grant dashboard to help you keep track of your thousand dollar opportunities.

GetGranted was created by a team of grant gurus who helped 750+ SMEs maximize their opportunities through government grants. With GetGranted, we hope to create more ripple effects and empower businesses to reach their full potential.


Success Rate



$15 Million

In Savings


Stephanie is CEO of Granted Consulting, and is known as a ‘Grant Angel’ in Western Canada. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs in all industries on developing grant strategies for growth. Since 2011, Granted has supported 700+ clients and generated over $15.5 MM in grant funding at a success rate of 92%. Over the last few years, Stephanie has been invited to speak at events hosted by the Women Enterprise Centre, Better Business Bureau, CPABC, Disrupt HR, Food Processors Association, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), The Executive Committee (TEC), CPHR, Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Associations, and other venues to educate entrepreneurs about grants in Canada. In 2019, she launched GetGranted, an online SaaS tool that matches grants to businesses, provides best practices, tracks grant progress, and is the do-it-yourself grant solution for small businesses in Western Canada.