You Waste Time

Spend countless hours searching only to find irrelevant grants.

Save Time

Get the best list of available grants catered to your business.

You Get Stuck

Decipher detailed program guidelines with complex language.

You Apply With Confidence

Breeze through grant summaries to simplify your application process.

You Miss Out on Free Money

Lose out when you don't follow grant changes and new programs.

You′re Always Ahead

Be notified of grant releases and changes before your competitors do.

Save Time

Lost when you read through grant documents? We got you. With GetGranted, you will know exactly which programs you’re eligible for so you can focus on the application process.

  • Customized list of Canadian government business grants tailored to your company
  • Resources to help you understand grants (summaries, videos, webinars)
  • Grant criteria provided in plain english so it’s easy to understand.

Know about (thousand dollar) opportunities

Many people don’t know that grants change frequently. If you wait to hear about grants through word of mouth, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars for your business. Many government grants are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis so GetGranted helps you access funding before your competitors.

  • Be the first to hear about new government grants. 
  • Automatic notification as new grants open so you don’t have to check manually. 
  • Plan ahead and integrate grants with your business strategy. 
  • Email notifications when a grant criteria changes - this could be more opportunity for your business or could disqualify your company

Apply with confidence

Once you’ve found grants, reading through all the application process documents and forms, you need to figure out how best to write your application. We’ve got you covered. After spending thousands of hours writing grant applications that got approved, we’ve developed a summary of easy to understand summaries and tips for you so you can apply yourself with confidence.  

  • Easy-to-follow best practices to increase your chance of success with your application
  • Managed by experienced grant gurus with a 92% success rate from over 6000+ applications. 
  • Read about average grant approval rate time to know when you might “get granted.”
  • Avoid common mistakes to help you be successful in your application. 

Get "Granted", now what?

Once you get a grant approved, then what? Sometimes people don’t realize there are requirements by the government to submit paperwork after grant approval within a period of time. A missed deadline for receipts or paperwork can mean missing out on receiving your funding. We don’t want to let that happen to you!

  • Use our dashboard helps you track approved grants and follow up on the documentation requirements so you don't miss a deadline. 
  • Grants often close without notice - we notify you if a grant you saved has been filled. 
  • Show off your grant reward to your team when the year ends 
  • If you require additional help, you can access our grant consultants on a pay-per-use basis*

*Only available for annual subscriptions

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