How these companies got over $10,000 in hiring grants

How These Companies Got Over $10,000 in Hiring Grants

What would another $10,000 to hire someone do for your business? What about $50,000?

Luckily for you, getting this extra funding is totally within your reach because the government provides a lot of money through hiring grants for Canadian businesses. Whether you have a restaurant, construction company or design firm, you can access this additional non-repayable funding to boost your business.

GetGranted features a range of employment grants that are personally managed by our specialists who have secured $2.8 million for clients. By using the app, you can access all of the hiring grants your business qualifies for in seconds! The system guides you step by step to effectively apply for employment grants.

Why the Government Supports Employment Grants

Grants reflect the priorities of the government and attempt to promote the kind of activities they want to see in the province or country. Because job creation is a high priority, there are many hiring grants for Canadian businesses, especially small and medium-sized companies. Right now, many funding programs are focused on giving young people under 30 years old meaningful work experience.

Types of Hiring Grants for Canadian Businesses

Hiring grants come in different forms. There are employment grants that fund internships for a few months, provide 50% wage subsidies and support the hiring of recent university graduates.

Think about all of the possibilities!

With more staff, you can finally finish those projects have been stalled for who knows how long and achieve more of your business objectives. Often, many of these young employees end up in long term or permanent positions because they added so much value to a company.

Below are success stories from three of our clients who hired employees from various hiring grants.

$20,000 Hiring Grant for a Coffee Roasting Company

  • Position: Market Expansion Coordinator
  • Employment grant: Career Focus provides mentorship to a recent graduate looking for experience in the food processing industry
  • Industry: Food processor, coffee roasting

This client received a $20,000 employment grant to hire an intern who ended up helping the company grow sales on their ecommerce channels. She optimized direct online retail sales from their website, assisted the company’s expansion into the U.S. and increased revenue on Amazon by 120%.

She was able to achieve these results with zero experience in the food processing industry! Thanks to the employment grant, the increased revenue didn’t cost the company a dime. Talk about a great ROI.

This relationship not only benefited the company greatly, but the intern also gained valuable experience and knowledge about the food processing business, customer service and project management skills. Unsurprisingly, she is now a long term employee.

$10,510 Hiring Grant for 3 Positions at a Fitness Company

  • Positions: Front Desk Administration (2 positions) and Digital Marketing Coordinator (1 position)
  • Employment grant: YMCA Post Secondary Youth Internship Program that covered $14 per hour for 35 hours a week for three new hires
  • Industry: Gym and personal training

This client is a small business that is always keen to hire recent graduates for different entry level positions at their gym. When the hiring grant opened up, the owner jumped at the opportunity to expand his team and ended up hiring three women.

Two positions were Front Desk Administration and one was Digital Marketing Coordinator. Rather than just taking any job after graduating, these positions gave the women valuable experience in their related field and allowed them to gain the marketable skills they needed to grow in their career.

$15,000 Hiring Grant for an Organic Pharmaceutical Company

  • Position: R&D Coordinator
  • Employment grant: Science Horizons covers 50% of wages to a maximum of $15,000 to hire a recent graduate in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for positions with an environmental and green focus
  • Industry: Organic pharmaceutical products

Our client sells organic baby care, body care, pharmaceutical and hair care products. As a small business, hiring an experienced R&D manager was too expensive. But they did have the time to mentor a young graduate who was interested in R&D. They ended up hiring a graduate with a chemistry degree who played a valuable role in:

  • Reducing waste by implementing waste management and recycling programs
  • Identifying sustainable transportation opportunities
  • Working with the production team to reduce energy consumption and the use of raw materials
  • Contributing to R&D for new product development

Her amazing contributions were all made possible by the hiring grant and she now has a permanent position at the company.

Get Your $10,000+ Hiring Grant with GetGranted

These client experiences are just a handful of stories we have that demonstrate the incredible impact employment grants have had on a variety of businesses. Hiring grants for Canadian businesses allow companies to try out new hires without using all of their own money while giving employees valuable work experience in a related career field.

With GetGranted, our system will guide you step by step to complete the application so you can get $10,000 or more to hire young and motivated employees. Anytime a new hiring grant opens up that matches your business profile, you will automatically be notified.

Companies in many industries that are awarded hiring grants have these characteristics:

  • Positions with a flexible start date
  • Positions requiring limited work experience
  • Providing mentorship for youth and recent graduates
  • Believe in continuous skill development that is relevant to their current role and future job opportunities


The provincial and federal government provide many hiring grants right now because they want to see young people under 30 and recent graduates gain valuable work experience in their field. Our experienced grant consultants have successfully secured over $2.8 million in employment grants for our clients. These consultants manage the grants that are on our GetGranted app.

The employees who have been hired through various employment grants have helped our clients increase online sales, expand to new markets, contribute to new product development and expand digital marketing efforts among many other achievements. GetGranted can help small and medium sized companies access all of the hiring grants they qualify for and the system automatically notifies businesses as soon as new employment grant comes out. It guides companies through every step of the application process.

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