Business Grants Made Easy

GetGranted is a platform that helps businesses in Western Canada explore grant opportunities.

Stop leaving money on the table

Less than 10% of small and medium-sized businesses took advantage of the $26+ billion dollars of grant funding and tax credits the government provide to support companies in Western Canada.

Why is that?

Grant research is time consuming

Research takes the majority of the time of the grant process because there’s a lot of information out there. First, you have to sort through relevant information. Second, read the government jargon. Third, finding the grant for your exact need (e.g. hiring grant for a specific role can differ between $15,000 and $2800). Sounds familiar?

Grants change all the time

Grants aren’t static. The criteria and key dates often changes, which impacts eligibility of companies.  Let’s put this frequency into perspective. We’re a grant consulting company where we focus on grants 24/7 but have a dedicated grant research team working on new grants and updates.


Grants are open-until filled

With the nature of grants being open until filled, hearing about it a week later makes a big difference. We’ve seen grants close in hours. By hearing about it first and getting your grant applications in - you increase your chance of getting approved.



How can GetGranted serve your business?

Customize your grant search to your business needs

Get notified for new grants or grant changes in your inbox so you don’t have to keep checking manually.

Consolidated info including grant criteria, recent changes, best practices, links to applications, and videos. Our team is made up of a experienced professionals who understand government grants, the application process, business strategy, reporting requirements, government jargon and finance.

Organize your grant applications with our dashboard

Is GetGranted for me?

Save hours manually searching for government grants that apply to your organization in Western Canada. If you are a sole proprietor, there may be programs that fit your needs, but funding opportunities are generally more limited.

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